About Us

Technology is fascinating and there is no denying that fact! Technology has been growing leaps and bounds and more so over the past few decades. We at Flashifyit are a bunch of passionate technology aficionados that track, analyze and try everything happening in the world with technology

The advent of mobile technology has broadened the horizons of human imagination and everything necessarily has come into our palms enabling a host of great features and possibilities. This has been the foundation of our work at Flashifyit.

We work to provide you with a host of tips, tricks, and guides relating to electronic devices and more importantly mobile devices.

However, a few words of caution before you use the content on this website. It is purely for educational purposes and for tech enthusiasts that we post these guides and everything you try should be done with caution.

We are not AUTHORIZED SERVICE engineers and please don’t try to repair your devices using our guides here. Visit a company authorized service center if you face any issues and we disclaim any problems whatsoever may happen to your devices.

Kevin Specter

The chef technocrat is what we love to call him! He is the brains behind all the geeky stuff we do at Flashifyit. A thorough professional who excels in understanding technology and loves to experiment with the technology to maximize the potential of devices and to find new powerful possibilities the devices can offer.

Alicia Keys

Alicia complements Kevin’s expertise by offering our user’s mobile how-to guides to help them solve problems related to the phones to increase their speed and performance. She curates content on almost all the phone models and lists out all the steps required to fix them.