How to Flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 - Easy and Best methods

Are you considering to flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 Smartphone but somehow finding it difficult to accomplish?

If that’s the issue, you won’t have to worry because we’re here to clear all your doubts with the easy and best method to flash the A Rival Bioniq 1001 mobile phone.

Some of you may be confused between flashing and rooting. Here is a handy guide to find the differences between rooting and flashing.

We’ve created this guide for all the handy techies looking to gain complete knowledge about the Flashing steps and the meaning and features of flashing Android smartphones.

Don’t stress, and just go through all the steps, including the prerequisites, to effortlessly flash your Android smartphone.

What is Flashing?

There are so many meanings of the term Flashing, but whenever we called it Android Flashing, we indicate installing any Operating System or Recovery File on the exact Android phone model we are referring to.

  • There are so many issues that would make you flash your Smartphone; either it can be a simple lag on your phone, it got stuck or bricked in the System boot loop or some other software issue.
  • It really makes sense to flash Android while you get such locked issues on your phone, and it’s a legit process because even smartphone service centers do the same to get rid of these bricks.
  • Now flashing process basically needs something called ROM, which is simply the modified version of Android.
  • This ROM can either be a Stock one or a Custom one, which both are way different, as being the native or arbitrary respectively.
  • The process goes as you download an Android ROM, either a Stock or Custom ROM, follow the prerequisites, and then install the same ROM as the official kernel.
  • It’d be way complex when trying the standard procedure and would appear simple when using a Flash tool.

In the below procedure, we’re going to employ a flashing tool named SP Flash Tool, the most suitable tool to flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 and any MTK or Mediatek Android Smartphones there in the universe.

You would really enjoy the below process, but before that, let’s get to understand some privileges you’re gonna enjoy after flashing your phone.

Features of flashing A Rival Bioniq 1001 smartphone

Generally, immense features await the users who flash their Smartphones with a Custom ROM, and also you would get enough features legitimately while going for a Stock ROM. Let’s get to know the entire features-

  • Firstly, if your phone is filled with bloatware, flashing will help remove all those bloatware in one go.
  • You can get some new customization and screen personalization options if you’re flashing your Android phone with a Custom ROM.
  • Flashing also sometimes helps get rid of the boot loop issue in some Android phones.
  • Lastly, you can flash your phone to solve the bricked problem.


The flashing procedure won’t be the new thing for most techies, but you still need to keep an eye on the below two prerequisites and must follow them before starting the process to flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 or any other Android phone.

Let’s not waste more time and get inside these prerequisites –

Backup all your data

  • First of all, you ought to create a perfect backup of all your data, including your contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, and the entire local storage.
  • It’s the most crucial prerequisite because the new firmware flashing means total data loss and reinitiating processes.
  • You can choose any method of backing up your essential data, but please create the entire backup, or otherwise, we wouldn’t be responsible for any of your future data loss.

Charge your Smartphone

Charging the Smartphone is again an essential need before flashing an Android phone because you can get into a massive problem if your phone gets discharged and, consequently, get switched off between the process.

  • It can either get stuck in a boot loop or get bricked.
  • Keeping that in mind, we recommend you charge your phone at least 40% before initializing the below steps.
  • So charge your phone, create the perfect backup, and burst towards the below procedure –

Disclaimer – Flashing Android phone relates to installing different kernel or OS versions on Android phones. That’s why, you need to follow the entire process carefully because a single mistake can enforce a boot loop to your phone, and we wouldn’t be responsible for any of that mistakes. Always choose the correct ROM and the proper steps.

Procedure – Employing the SP Flash Tool

We explored several ways to flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 or any Android Smartphone, and the most sophisticated, or in other words, the most reliable one we got is through the SP Flash Tool.

SP Flash tool can be reckoned as the Smartphone Flash Tool, and it’s namely just a software devised for Windows PC or Laptop.

This software works as the simple installer protocol, which operates the Scatter-loading file and MTK ROM together and flashes any MTK Android phone.

Note – You can use this process for flashing any Android phone. Every phone working with the MTK or Mediatek processor can get flashed using the SP Flash Tool, but you would have to use the exact phone drivers and stock file in case of any other phone.

Simplicity is in the name of SP Flash Tool, and the subsequent process is given below –

Step 1: Download and Install the drivers.

Before downloading the SP Flash Tool, and starting the process, first, you need to download and install the Smartphone driver. In actuality, if you want to connect your phone with flashing access, it’s compulsory to download and install the phone drivers first.

Additionally, we have also simplified the entire process of finding and installing the smartphone drivers by attaching them to the same page below. You can hit the download link below, and the downloading process will begin shortly.

Search and Download USB Driver from official site – (LINK)

After downloading the driver’s ZIP file, you need to extract them on a specific folder, and afterward follow the below process –

  • Press the Window+R key combination, and run the devmgmt.msc command.
  • Later, click the Computer icon and title and click the Action tab in the above-left corner menu.
  • Click the Add legacy Hardware tab on the Action menu.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list option, and hit the Next button again.
  • Choose Show All Devices, and click the Next tab.
  • Hit Have Disk tab and locate the .inf file from the ZIP extraction you downloaded above.
  • Lastly, click the Next button, and drivers will get installed soon.

Step 2: Download the Stock file to flash on A Rival Bioniq 1001.

After following the above steps and installing the latest USB drivers for your A Rival Bioniq 1001, you’re now prepared to flash your phone. But hey, have you downloaded the ROM or the Stock file to flash your phone? Nope, right?

Don’t worry; we’ve solved that problem too by finding the Stock ROM compatible with your phone. We’re supplying the exact firmware file on the below download link –

A Rival Bioniq 1001 Firmware – (LINK)

Note – The file linked above is a stock ROM or firmware file that’ll provide you the exact interface as the official android phone. Apart from that, you can also use different privileged ROMs, called Custom ROMs, using the protocols like Magisk Manager, SuperUser, TWRP, and SuperSU, and enjoy the superb personalization privileges.

Furthermore, You can also flash the operating system firmware, like Oxygen OS and ColorOS.

Step 3: Download and unzip the SP Flash Tool bunched file.

Finally, it’s time to download the latest version of SP Flash Tool and start the process of flashing the A Rival Bioniq 1001 smartphone. It’d be your favorite step from here because you won’t have to do much here.

All you need is to download the SP Flash Tool zipped file from the below link and unzip it using any extractor tool to a specific folder and particular location. We recommend creating a new folder on the Desktop named SP Flash tool and extracting it there.

SP Flash Tool latest version – (LINK)

Furthermore, You can also flash the operating system firmware, like Oxygen OS and ColorOS.

Step 4: Run SP Flash Tool software and start flashing.

Its time to begin the procedure and eliminate all the issues you’ve in your A Rival Bioniq 1001 or run it smoothly. Similarly, SP Flash Tool is a precise and handy tool to flash any Android smartphone operating with a Mediatek processor. Just keep your mind clear and initialize the below instructions ASAP –

  • Open the folder where you’ve downloaded and extracted the SP Flash Tool zip file.
  • Inside that folder, find and run the Flast_Tool.exe file as administrator.
  • Now you’ll observe the SP Flash Tool tab, where you’ve to click the Scatter-loading File section.
  • Locate the folder where you’ve downloaded and extracted the firmware file, and choose the Android_scatter.txt file from that folder.
  • Currently, you’ve to choose Download Only in the dropdown menu below the Authentication File section.
  • Finally, click the Download button as shown below.
  • After completing the download, connect your A Rival Bioniq 1001 smartphone with a PC using a working USB Data cable (Must switch off your phone before connecting.)
  • Shortly, the flashing process would get started, and you need to keep your phone connected until seeing a green success tick on the screen.
  • Finally, eject the USB cable from your phone and turn it on.

Final words

You’ve successfully flashed your A Rival Bioniq 1001 Smartphone, and now you’re ready to enjoy the privilege due to which you made this struggle. Except that, if you have any external query related to the exact procedure, you can comment it below, and we’ll feel damn delighted resolving it. Happy tweaking!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean to flash an A Rival Bioniq 1001 Android phone?

Flashing an Android phone is simply a process of installing the firmware on that exact phone. It can be any firmware, either a Stock or native firmware, or a Custom ROM like MIUI, OxygenOS, and ColorOS.

Is flashing A Rival Bioniq 1001 Android mobile safe?

Yeah, Flashing Android Smartphones is a safe process, but only if you’re focusing on all the steps and following them very carefully. Sometimes, simple mistakes also lead the Smartphone to a boot loop issue or bricking case.

Will flashing firmware delete data?

It’s simple, Flashing firmware directly means that you’re initializing your Smartphone from the new side, and consequently, all your data is going to be lost with the process completion. So please, before originating the process, first create an entire backup of your data, including contacts, messages, and all the local storage files.

How to flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 Android mobile?

There are so many ways available and exhibited on the internet to lash Android mobile, and you can use any process compatible with your smartphone processor. Some require a PC to complete flashing, while others just need your phone, but with some complexness.

How to flash A Rival Bioniq 1001 Android phone with PC?

Things become simple when you make them technologized. Subsequently, using a PC would help you flash your phone more manageable, and you can complete that with just software, like SP Flash Tool and some drivers.

Which firmware works best with A Rival Bioniq 1001 phone?

If you want no lag and the best working firmware, we suggest installing the native firmware, which we listed above. But if you want additional features, you would have to surrender performance for Custom ROM.

Why flash a phone?

Again, the answer is the same! There are colossal moments when you would be required to flash your phone, but primarily you can utilize flashing to unlock phone lock, fix boot loop issue, fix bricking state, or unlock a locked phone from one single cellular network.

Can I flash iOS on Android Smartphones?

Don’t even try to do that! There are so many websites misinterpreting the Android users that they can use iOS on their Android phones. But the harsh reality is that if you want to enjoy iOS firmware, you need an iPhone first.

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