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Samsung SGH-I257
Samsung SGH-I257 Flashing Guide with Odin Flash Tool

Odin is one of the best Samsung smartphone flashing tool to flash only Samsung smartphone. We can flash custom ROMs, zip files, kernels, and other similar flashing over Samsung device with Odin tool.

In this article, you will learn to use Odin flashing tool on your Samsung smartphone to bring new improvements & fixes for your smartphone. Odin will allow you to flash official stock ROMs, custom ROMs on your Samsung devices running on Android OS.

So, if you want to flash your Samsung SGH-I257 device, then you are the right page where we are going to guide you how to flash Samsung SGH-I257 device to get rid of unusual errors like application errors, touchscreen errors, download errors, virus inside internal memory, loading a boot loop, other similar errors. To fix these you might want to try factory reset to get rid of errors but if you have already done this too but nothing changed then follow the steps below and start flashing Samsung SGH-I257 with odin flashing tool.

Pre-requisites to before flashing Samsung SGH-I257:

  • Make sure your device battery is charged up to 70% before flashing
  • Backup your entire device data, in case of any flashing error
  • Make sure you download Samsung kies to fix any USB driver errors
  • Download Odin flashing tool
  • Download Flashing firmware file (Scatter file + files to be flashed) that you will be flashing over Samsung SGH-I257 with Odin

How to flash Samsung SGH-I257 with Odin flashing tool

Follow the steps below to be able to flash Samsung SGH-I257 with Odin flashing tool:

  • Extact Odin from .zip file on desktop of your PC
  • Also, extract Samsung SGH-I257 firmware file on desktop to get .md5 file
  • It is time to enter in download mode of your Samsung SGH-I257
  • Now, turn off Samsung SGH-I257 device, press + hold the Volume Down + Home + Power keys all together
  • You have successfully entered in download mode
  • Connect Samsung SGH-I257 to your PC using a USB cord
  • Run Odin .exe file on your Windows PC
  • Now, you will see Odin ID : COM turned Blue (that means your device is added successfully)
  • Your device is ready to go under flashing process
  • Click on PDA in Odin, browse the extracted firmware folder to select the file with .md5
  • Wait until Odin checks .md5 file is valid (you will get notification about file in message box)
  • Finally, click START button in Odin, and wait until the process is complete (PASS)
  • Restart will be performed automatically
  • Congratulations you got new samsung phone enjoy it now.

If you are trying to flash your Samsung SGH-I257 device then I would like to suggest you to try using Smartphone flash tool (aka SP Flash Tool). SP flash tool is great flashing tool for Android. You can use this tool to flash almost any MTK (Mediatak IC) based smartphone. Try flashing any custom ROMs, stock ROMs on your Samsung SGH-I257 Android smartphone.

SP flash tool is best firmware flashing tool available online whether it is custom ROM or stock ROM. Using SP Flash Tool, you can flash Samsung SGH-I257 Android device (but make sure to check if it is based on Mediatek IC). Flash any custom or stock ROM over Samsung SGH-I257 Android device. Also, do make sure that you have installed Samsung SGH-I257 USB drivers properly on your PC before flashing any firmware file.

Find your Samsung SGH-I257 USB drivers by using search below:

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Pre-requisites before flashing Samsung SGH-I257:

  • Battery should be charged up to 70%
  • Make sure you have Samsung SGH-I257's USB cord available
  • Download and install SP Flash tool in PC
  • Since, SP flash tool we need to install MediaTek USB drivers
  • Download Samsung SGH-I257 firmware file (Scatter file + files to be flashed)
  • Last but not the least, you need to take your device backup (for safety reasons)
  • Once you have all the things ready above, follow the rest of flashing tutorial

Steps to flashing Samsung SGH-I257 using SP flash tool

Follow the steps below to flash Samsung SGH-I257 with SP flash tool:

  • Install SP FLASH TOOL in PC - Step 1
    Download & install spflashtool.exe:

    Download SP flash tool, spflashtool.exe

  • Download flash recovery image Step 2
    Download flash recovery image:

    FLashing is not easy, it take time and patience. To flash Samsung SGH-I257, make sure you have flash recovery image ready for your device model.

  • Samsung SGH-I257 flashing tutorial with SP Flash Tool - Step 3
    Load scatter file:

    Click Scatter Loading (Load Scatter file of Samsung SGH-I257).

  • 4
    Uncheck all boxes :

    Now, you should uncheck all boxes from SP flash tool

  • 5
    Load Recovery Image:

    Tick-box, Go to / click RECOVERY box from list and load recovery image of your Samsung SGH-I257 device (load image from the separate window -->open)

  • 6
    Recovery box must be CHECKED:

    Recovery box is checked before you connect your Samsung SGH-I257, in recovery image location (uncheck all other boxes)

  • 7
    Turn off and connect Samsung SGH-I257 with PC:

    Turn off Samsung SGH-I257 and connect it with PC

  • 8
    Click Download button:

    After connecting your device with PC, just click download button on top

  • 9
    Step #9, click yes:

    If it ask click “yes”

  • 10

    Congrats! You have successfully flashed your Samsung SGH-I257 device

Disclaimer: Please follow the flashing tutorials on your own risk.


If SP flash tool prompts green circle, you are done. Samsung SGH-I257 have been flashed using SP flash tool.

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