How to factory reset Samsung SM-N9500 (2 methods)

If you are looking to reset your Samsung SM-N9500 smartphone, then follow the steps below. Where we have shared 2 methods to factory reset your Samsung SM-N9500 device with Soft as well as Hard reset method.

Follow which ever you like on Samsung SM-N9500 device, check out the steps with the conditions below for soft and hard reset.

Caution: Before performing soft or hard reset on Samsung SM-N9500, take backup of your necessary files because the following options can't be undone later.

Soft Reset VS Hard Reset

#1: How to make soft factory reset on Samsung SM-N9500

Go to Settings on your Samsung SM-N9500 device

Click on Backup and Reset option but if you don't find it look for Advanced settings in Samsung SM-N9500

At the bottom, tap over Factory data reset option

Your actions can't be undone later, take your backup for your necessary files before you reset Samsung SM-N9500 device.

#2: How to make hard factory reset on Samsung SM-N9500

Learn how to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung SM-N9500 first

If you have successfully entered in recovery mode scroll through options on the screen with Volume Keys

You will see Wipe data/factory reset option in recovery mode on Samsung SM-N9500 device

Use volume keys to navigate and power key to select Wipe Data/Factory Reset

Doing above steps on your Samsung SM-N9500 device will forcibly wipe out everything from your device

How to factory reset your Samsung SM-N9500

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click rest button.

3. Erase all data.

4. Now please enter your device PIN and click Continue.

congratulations your phone is now rest enjoy new phone.

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