How to Root 35Phone Q4350 – Android Phone

Rooting is the process by which android smartphone users gain privileged, administrator level access to the 35Phone Q4350 operating system environment.

  • Rooting allows users to replace system settings and applications, install custom ROMs, increase the speed of the processor, and run specialized apps that require administrator level access.
  • There are several other possibilities that come with rooting a device and thus makes this process a sought after technique.
  • Before rooting your device you need to be aware of the downsides it entails and more importantly there are a few prerequisites that need to be followed to ensure that the rootings achieved without a hassle.
  • Even before, we get in to the details of rooting, lets clear the confusion between flashing and rooting.

    They are two different concepts and shouldn’t be confused. Here’s a handy guide to help you understand the differences between Rooting and Flashing.


  • Are you here to have some tweaks on your phone? Do you want to perform things like personalization, customization, and overclocking stuff! Have you dreamed it but finding it tough to find a the real way to root your Android phone.
  • If the answer is YES, then the process will get started from the below prerequisites here –

Create data backup

  • Never mess with the data because it’s all you created and the important part of your personal life, including your memories.
  • Being the most important thing on your 35Phone Q4350, that data includes all the important stuff, like your contacts, messages, call logs, as well as the pictures you clicked of your loved ones.
  • Everything matters, and that’s why you need to create a backup of all your data before starting the process to root 35Phone Q4350.
  • Rooting reinitializes the phone from the front state, wiping all your essential data.
  • So please create a complete data backup before rooting your phone via any below process.

Charge your phone

  • After creating the backup, what matters the most is the phone’s battery.
  • This point contains significance because it’d be a big problem if your phone gets switched off between the process by accident.
  • This problem can either be an uncomplicated reboot or disastrous like the Android brick.

You can bypass this prerequisite just with a simple step, charge your phone at least 40%, and that’s it!

Download and Install Android SDK tools to your PC

Behind taking the above big way, you’ve finally reached the most crucial prerequisite required before any below rooting method.

  • These tools are important because the platform tools or SDK tools are required when installing any firmware on the phone.
  • So no matter which approach you’re choosing from the below list, download SDK tools below first –

Android SDK Tools – (LINK)

  • Downloading would be the first thing, and later you would have to install these SDK tools to your PC.
  • You can install SDK Tools simply with the default PC installation steps. Make it!

Note – When installing the Android SDK tools, you must choose the location as C/android-sdk/; otherwise, remember the location if you’re installing it on a different one.

Install Smartphone USB Drivers to your PC

There are two paramount downloads mandated while root 35Phone Q4350.

he first one was SDK tools, which we downloaded with the a fore-mentioned steps, and subsequently, the next important thing is the USB Drivers.

There are more than 100 smartphone brands out there globally, and we’ve designed this guide following a universal guide.

In that case, we couldn’t skip providing USB Drivers for each phone, and that’s what we’ve done below.

You can observe and catch out your Smartphone manufacturer brand links from the below index and download the compatible USB driver instantly –

  • ASUS
  • Alcatel
  • Google
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • Motorola
  • Realme
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi

Download the proper driver version from the above list and install it ASAP to your PC to start any procedure below.

Disclaimer: (Unlocking Bootloader section) – If you’re unlocking the bootloader of your Android phone, it means that you’re initializing unlocked access to install any Custom ROM. Subsequently, your phone warranty would get voided, so please be careful about that.

Unlock the Bootloader of your Android phone

Finally, we’re here at the most vital prerequisite needed before every rooting process and always sound complex in front of almost all the rooters. Yeah, you thought right! I’m talking about the Bootloader Unlocking Procedure.

For those who don’t know, Bootloader is a set of code installed on your phone which runs every time while booting the phone to make all the internal processes task. You can call it the brain software of your phone.

However, most brands provide locked Bootloaders with secret keys, whereas some have open access.

If you’re reckoned to find a key or using devices like Motorola, HTC, LG, and Sony, please first visit the official website and find the bootloader key. Or, if you’re not among the above brands, go through the below steps.

The first step toward unlocking Bootloader would be enabling USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

For doing that, you need to make the below procedure –

  • Open Settings > About phone and find the Build Number there.
  • After finding the Build Number, click it repeatedly 7 times to become a developer.
  • Get back to Settings main menu and open Developer Options from there.
  • Scroll down, and search USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking to enable them both instantly.

Enabling USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking is an important step to achieve the root privileges. Later, you would have to open your PC and follow the below steps –

Step 1 – Connect your phone with the PC using a working Data cable.

Step 2 – Open the folder where you’ve installed the Android SDK Tools from the above steps.

Step 3 – Find an empty space on that folder screen, and press Shift+Right Click there.

Step 4 – Now, click the “Open PowerShell window here” tab from right-click menu.

Step 5 – Inscribe the below command on the PowerShell window and press Enter button. You will now observe your phone getting rebooted.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 6 – Afterward, choose one of the below commands to execute as per your smartphone model –

  • For smartphones designed after 2015 and all SAMSUNG phones – fastboot flashing unlock
  • For smartphones designed prior 2015 and all PIXEL phones- fastboot oem unlock
  • For smartphones requiring a unique key to find on the website – oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY(Here, insert the unique key in place of UNIQUE_KEY as the command.)

Step 7 – After putting in the proper command from the above list, press the ENTER button.

Step 8 – The Bootloader unlocking process will start soon, and you will get success results soon. After that, paste the below command on PowerShell window –

fastboot reboot

The above command will reboot your phone with an unlocked bootloader warning message. Thereafter, you can initialize any of the below methods –

Methods to root 35Phone Q4350

Disclaimer: (Below most) – Rooting an Android phone employing any below method would void your Android Smartphone’s warranty and will clear all the data from your phone. So in any above case, we wouldn’t be responsible, and you would have to take this crapshoot on your own.

Method 1 – Employing Magisk Manager

What if we would say that the very first method we’re revealing here is the world’s favorite rooting procedure? It sounds like someone is talking about the Magisk Manager, right?

Magisk Manager offers thousands of personalization and interface customization modules, which help internalize even a simple Android smartphone with the kind of tweaks one might notice on a flagship phone. You can try this incredible Magisk Manager on any phone to experiment varied customisations and interfaces.

Handy tasks with the handy steps to install Magisk Manager listed below –

Step 1 – Download and Install latest Magisk version

Hit the below-listed download link, where we stored both the Magisk Manager APK version. Download it on your 35Phone Q4350 by clicking the below download link –

Magisk Manager app – (LINK)

  • After downloading the Magisk Manager app version, you need to install it on your phone. It’s again a simple process.
  • Open Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and enable the Unknown Sources for third-party installation.
  • Afterward, click the Magisk Manager APK file to install it handily.

Step 2 – Download and install the TWRP Recovery tool

  • The process would start and end within your phone’s interface.
  • This time, you would have to install Team Win Recovery Project on your phone, which is a protocol required to install Magisk.
  • Download it from below and install the TWRP recovery to your phone using the ADB installation method –

TWRP Recovery – (LINK)

Step 3 – Download and rename the Magisk file

This is the most convenient, where all you ought to do is download the Magisk app from the below link and rename it from Magisk-v23.0.apk to Magisk-v23.0.zip.

Magisk app file – (LINK)

(Rename this .apk file extension to the .zip.)

Step 4 – Finally, Install Magisk using TWRP

Ultimately, you’re ready with the entire arsenal and just required to follow these steps and install Magisk using the TWRP recovery –

  • Reboot the phone to the TWRP recovery mode using the button combination.
  • Click the Install button on the top left corner of the TWRP screen.
  • Now, locate the folder where you’ve downloaded and renamed the Magisk file, and click the Select Storage tab.
  • Finally, Swipe to confirm flashing Magisk to your phone and wait for the process completion.
  • Later after process completion, click the Reboot System button, and your phone will get rebooted with Magisk Manager root access.

Method 2 – Using One-Click Root

The second method here is the most simplistic one, named with its most influential privilege, One-Click Root. However, it’s a paid tool, which charges $40 for providing you with all the rooting privileges at a single click.

The actual one-click rooting method won’t require you to work more than clicking just a single button. Just follow the below steps on your Android Smartphone and root the phone ultimately –

  • Firstly, click here, and download the Root Availability tool to find the One-Click Root compatibility with your device.
  • If your device is compatible, download Windows/Mac One Click Root program software from this official link.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone using the above prerequisite steps.
  • Connect your phone with the PC using a working USB cable.
  • Finally, open the One-Click Root app on your PC and run the Root command ASAP to get root access on your 35Phone Q4350.

Method 3 – Using Root Master

Root Master is the last method we’ve got here as the best 3 methods of rooting Android phones. Again, this method is also one of the simplest ways to root 35Phone Q4350 and won’t take more than 5 minutes of your most crucial time.

The Root Master is an Android app, and it’ll help you by providing root access without any need for a PC.

This protocol was developed by one of the XDA developers to make the rooting process time-efficient.

  • Priorly, download the Root Master APK file on your Android phone.
  • Open the app on your phone, and press the tangy START button listed on the app interface.
  • Root Master would firstly check for the compatibility of your device with the procedure. You can go one with the same system if your phone is compatible, but if not, choose a different method from the above 2 methods.
  • After getting on the next and final procedure step, the Root Master will start the rooting procedure.
  • Restart your phone after the successful completion of the procedure.
  • Your phone would now have root access, and you can enjoy any privileges without a single interruption.

Final words

No one would ever have the Android rooting topic complex after reading this article entirely.

We can state that true, as we listed above three different procedures, including the convenient steps with most general words and vocabulary. Hope you liked this article, and we solved all your doubts related to rooting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the features of rooting 35Phone Q4350 Android phone?

Immense features are waiting for you on the rooting path, where you can observe the most fabulous customization modules, overclocking hacks, and the system app uninstallation capability.

Is there any disadvantage of rooting 35Phone Q4350?

There is nothing with only advantages, and subsequently, rooting also includes colossal disadvantages, including device vulnerability, unable to access banking apps, and voided warranty.

Did rooting a 35Phone Q4350 smartphone void its warranty?

Absolutely Yes! If you’re dreaming of rooting your phone and enjoying privileges, you’ll have to pay the warranty back.

Is it okay to enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock on 35Phone Q4350 Android phone?

USB Debugging and OEM Unlock are just some simple developer options, and they won’t have got any side issues at all. So you can enable them without getting worried.

What is the simplest way to root 35Phone Q4350?

If you want the most simple rooting, you can go for One-Click root. The software is listed in the above methods offers root access at a single click.

Where to get the official Android SDK tools?

We’ve gathered the official Android SDK tools and stored them above. You can download the ZIP file using the link below and enjoy using it.

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is one of the rooting protocols which offers users SU access and thousands of customization, overclocking, and other tweaky modules.

How to root an 35Phone Q4350 Android phone without using a PC?

If you’re unable to use a PC while rooting your phone, you can try the third method, without including a PC, and root your phone within minutes.

Will bootloader unlocking void device warranty?

Yeah, you need to be careful about that! The bootloader Unlocking process would also void your device warranty, and sadly you can’t get that warranty back in any case. So follow all these steps at your own risk!

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