The Best Music Devices for Professional DJs and Connoisseurs of Good Sound

Music in the modern world is an integral part of human life. Moreover, this is not just a way to have fun but a favorite job for some.

Best Music Devices

For real DJs and those who want to become one, our review presents 15 of the best musical equipment concepts that will turn work into enjoyable entertainment.

1. New Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3-K controller

The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 is a great controller for beginner DJs that lets you mix your favorite music from Spotify and iTunes. You must connect the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 to any Apple technology, and you can get to work. In this case, the gadget is charged automatically from the controller. It also has a multi-functional slot that can accommodate an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

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2. Portable DJ console DJ GO

Unlike a regular pocket mixer, this new device won’t fit into your pocket, but it can fold into a convenient bag. The DJ GO itself is a candy bar with a pair of CDMP3 drives and a mixer. This device also has a built-in hard drive.

3. Numark iDJ Live DJ controller

The iDJ Live controller is fundamentally new equipment for amateur and professional DJs. Thanks to this device, a traditional iPhone can become a unique device for creating music tracks in minutes. The new controller supports a variety of DJ applications.

Its main advantage is the ability to experiment with music without leaving home.

4. DJ personal computer – DJ SOUND CONTROL

Developer Modder Chris Blarsky presented his new project for DJs. This is a highly specialized computer created as a laptop in which a conventional keyboard and touchpad are replaced with many different switches, buttons, and indicators. Outwardly, it looks like a very complex and gorgeous DJ console called DJ Sound Control.

In addition, it is equipped with various LEDs and additional lighting, which allows you to work comfortably in the dark.

5. Compact DJ controller – Numark DJ2GO

Numark DJ2GO is a portable and affordable DJ controller that is compatible with a variety of DJ applications. The weight of the device is only 400 grams, but at the same time, it is comfortable to work with thanks to scratch controllers, crossfaders, pitch controllers, and volume knobs.

The kit includes a particular software application called Virtual DJ, which is ideal for working with this controller.

6. Vinyl player – McIntosh MT5

The new MT5 turntable from the McIntosh line is ready to use right out of the box, ready to go and set up. The model has a reliable body, a standard steel platform, and an aluminum plate. The acrylic top panel minimizes vibration, and the adjustable legs allow you to position it as needed.

The supporting two-kilogram disk has a decent thickness and an original green internal backlight.

7. Professional player – Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer celebrated its twentieth anniversary by launching a new model of professional turntable, the PLX-1000. The device is made specifically for the club entertainment industry.

The engineers’ work resulted in the release of a modern player with excellent build quality and high-quality sound. The player is also equipped with an anti-vibration design. The device has classic controls so that it will fit perfectly into a DJ setup.

8. Vinyl record player made from a whiskey barrel

The Linn company teamed up with the Highland Park distillery to create a unique vinyl record player carved from solid oak, which served for decades as a barrel for maturing the purest whiskey.

The price of such a product will be about 40,000 US dollars. We have prepared a surprise for buyers of this player: they will receive a bottle of excellent 40-year-old Highland Park whiskey.

9. Vinyl record player – Audiowood Barky

New Audiowood Barky turntable with eco-design. It is made of clear glass and a solid cut of ash, on top of which a layer of wax is applied. The wooden platform rests on four metal legs, which can be adjusted in height if necessary.

The cost of the player in the US will be $1,300. If you need extra money to buy a player – you may try crazy time.

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10. Functional DJ console from Hoerboard

Hoerboard has developed a new DJ console called Stereo.T. The device’s design has been thought out to the smallest detail; it can be easily assembled and moved to the right place. The assembly of this device is so simple that even a beginner can handle it; it only takes 10 minutes.

The Hoerboard’s hardware is flush with the lid, and the cords are hidden inside the unit. In the Standard configuration, this remote control will cost 3000 US dollars.

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