How to Reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 - Hard (Factory) & Soft Reset

All of us have become addicted to phones and can’t bear if they are infected with bugs and in turn, become sluggish.

There are different ways to get rid of these unwanted issues in a phone and you can follow any of the three methods listed below depending on your need.

  • Soft Reset
  • Factory Hard Reset
  • Hard Reset

What is Soft Reset ?

This is an easy method and it involves soft resetting the phone to kill unnecessary background processes, temporary cache and it also clears the RAM of your 5 Star Mobile Bd85. This process involves rebooting your phone to achieve the end result.

It is very important that you need to take a backup of your data before performing the following two steps

What is Factory Hard Reset ?

  • This method wipes out all the settings and all the data on your 5 Star Mobile Bd85 and it restores all factory settings to make a near new device.
  • This method is useful when you experience bugs, sluggish performance and other software-related issues on your 5 Star Mobile Bd85.
  • The most important thing to use this step is when you forgot your pattern/PIN/pass code of your phone and need to bypass it

What is Hard Reset ?

  • This hard reset method can be used to erase all the information on your 5 Star Mobile Bd85. Typically, people use this method when they want to intentionally wipe personal data on their phones before giving it to someone.

Soft Reset is the least risky of all the three methods as it doesn’t necessarily delete any data from the device.

But the other two methods involve data loss and the process is also not very easy for newbies.

So, after all the information shared, the onus is on you to choose which the best process is for you and what you would do

Now, let’s not waste one more moment of your crucial time and get an understanding about the prerequisites you need to remember before starting the process to reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85.


While resetting an Android phone, you need to go through some most required prerequisites.

Create a backup of your data

  • Backup creation is the most significant thing you need to consider before resetting your Android phone.
  • No one can endure losing all his data, and because the Android phone reset process takes away all your data to restart your phone initially, its important to backup your data.
  • So before going on, take a complete backup of your data, including your contacts, videos, pictures, and all other things.
  • You must be thinking why unlinking or deleting Google accounts is mandated before resetting an Android phone, right?
  • Yeah, it’s real, and you can also lose access to your phone if you aren’t careful with this prerequisite.
  • Don’t get agitated, and just unlink all your Google accounts from your phone before resetting it.
  • Primarily, Google secures your smartphone by checking your identity after resetting the phone.
  • It’s not that tough if you remember your Google account ID and Password, but if you’re unaware, you must unlink your Google account before resetting your Android phone.

Charge your smartphone

  • Lastly, Charging the phone is also equally significant as the above prerequisites.
  • You won’t ever want to make your phone bricked, but you will unintentionally do that if your phone automatically gets switched off during the resetting process.

Hence, it would be best to charge your phone at least 40% before initializing the process to Reset Android phone.

Disclaimer – Please be careful about all your data before resetting your phone. At last, all the above methods, except Soft Reset, would clear the complete data from your Android phone.

Enable USB Debugging (Only while using Android SDK method – mentioned at the end of the article)

You would only need to enable USB Debugging if you’re going for Method 4 below or simply resetting your phone via Android SDK Tools.

Remember, it would be the exception for the first three methods because none of them require enabling USB Debugging.

  • Firstly, open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Afterwards, click the About Phone tab.
  • Now, search the Build Number and click it repeatedly 7 times.
  • You would now get prompted with a notification, saying You’re now a developer.
  • Now, get back to the Settings app menu and open the Developer Options. (In Realme phones, you would get Developer Options in the Additional Settings section.)
  • Finally, find the USB Debugging option, click, and toggle it to enable USB Debugging.

Ways to reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android Phone

You’ve finally completed the first level, i.e., completing the prerequisite steps. It’s time to get ready for the final process to reset Android phone. Check them below!

1. How to General System Factory Reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85

We’re working hard to keep everything simple. Initially, we presented you the easiest method in the first section – System Factory Data reset procedure.

The procedure works with every Android phone, running on any OS version and manufactured by any brand.

This way, let’s not waste more time and get forward towards the below steps –

Step 1 – Open the Settings app on your phone. You can open it either from the front page of your phone, via the Apps section, or the notification drawer.

Step 2 – Keeping it simple, you need to search the Factory Reset option. Xiaomi phones keep that segment on the About Phone section. Samsung phones preserve it on the System settings. If you’re using any other phone, you’ll likely get Factory Reset in the About Phone section.

Step 3 – So, Open the About Phone Section by scrolling down the Settings menu.

Step 4 – Later, find and click the Factory Reset tab.

Step 5 – You would now get a message from your phone settings about all the data that’d get deleted after reset success. (Again, Please create a backup of all your data if you haven’t made it yet.)

Step 6 – Ultimately, click Erase All Data or Reset button, and the process will get started soon.

Shortly, your phone will wipe the entire data and get rebooted after the process completion. Now you will operate a reset phone with all the prior services and system apps.

2. How to Hard Reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android phone

If the above procedure reckons complex for you or does not work well for you, you can employ this Hard Reset method below.

This is not a complex at all, as you just need to follow the below steps from here:

Step 1 – Firstly, Switch Off your phone by long-pressing the power button and clicking the Power Off tab.

Step 2 – Now, restart your phone, but utilizing the particular key pattern from the below list-

  • Press and hold the Power key and Volume Down key together. (For most Android phones)
  • Press and hold the Power key with the Home button. (For old Samsung phones with a Home button)
  • Press and hold the Power key with the Volume down key and Bixby key. (For new Samsung phones having Bixby button.)

Step 3 – After choosing the respective method from the above list, you would observe a recovery menu on your phone screen. You can control this menu using below navigated controls –

  • Volume up button – Navigating Up
  • Volume down button – Navigating Down
  • Power button – Choose an option

Step 4 – Press the Volume down button until navigating towards the Wipe cache/Factory Reset tab.

Step 5 – Finally, press the Power button to choose that option.

Step 6 – The process would end soon, and afterward, navigate towards the Reboot system now and press the power button.

3. How to Soft Reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android phone

The soft Reset method can also be termed Rebooting the Phone because it’s nothing but a simple reboot.

However, it lies in the Reset procedures because reboot also kills some stuck processes and clears RAM.

Step 1 – Click and hold the power button.

Step 2 – Click the Power Off option.

Step 3 – After observing the dark screen, press and hold the power button again.

That’s all; you’ve soft reset your Android phone!

4. How to Reset Android phone using Android SDK

The last method here can be said to be the most complex while analogizing with the three above procedures.

Furthermore, you require a PC to reset your phone using the Android SDK Tools.

You can also use this method if you cannot open recovery mode in the above Method 2.

First of all, you’ve to download and install the Android SDK tools from the below link because you would need them while employing this procedure –

Android SDK Tools – (LINK)

Finally, turn down to the below steps –

Step 1 – Firstly, download and install the Android SDK Tools on your Windows PC.

Step 2 – Now, enable USB Debugging on your phone. (You can learn the procedure to enable USB Debugging on the above prerequisites section.)

Step 3 – Connect your phone with your PC using a working USB cable.

Step 4 – Press the Window+R key on your PC, and inscribe the “cmd” command on the Run window.

Step 5 – Press the Enter button, and you’ll observe the Command Prompt.

Step 6 – Inscribe the location C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools on Command Prompt, and press the Enter button. (You would get an error if you haven’t downloaded and installed the Android SDK tools from the above section.)

Step 7 – Input the ADB reboot recovery command on the SDK screen.

Step 8 – Your phone would now get rebooted into recovery mode. After this, follow Step 4, Step 5, and Step 6 of Method 2 – Hard Reset above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to reset an 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android phone without losing data?

It’s simple! If you don’t want to lose a single bit of your data, you can soft reset your phone using Method 3 from the above list.

Why reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android phone?

The urge to reset Android phones gets high when your phone contacts a lag issue, immense viruses/bugs, or if you want to clear all the third-party apps.

Where to get Android SDK tools to reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 mobile phone?

We’ve found and stored the Android SDK tools for techies like you. You can just click the above download link and download them merely.

Will the reset process delete data from my 5 Star Mobile Bd85 phone?

Yeah, the reset process clears entire data from an Android phone. Please create a backup of your data first before resetting it.

How to create a backup of data on 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android mobile?

There are so many methods available to back up the data of Android phones. You can either use cloud storage, an external hard disk, or your computer to store data there and make the process simple.

What if I’m unable to make the default System Factory data reset?

We’ve listed four different methods in the above article to reset Android phones. You can use any of them if the first method doesn’t work for you.

How to enable USB Debugging on 5 Star Mobile Bd85 phone?

Enabling USB Debugging isn’t rocket science. All you gotta follow all the steps prescribed in the above prerequisite section.

Is it mandatory to enable USB Debugging to reset 5 Star Mobile Bd85 Android phone?

We’ve already mentioned that you won’t need to enable USB Debugging if you’re using the system default method, soft reset, or hard reset. You’ll only need it if you’re using the Android SDK tools to reset your Android phone.

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